Thyroid Surgery in Local Anaesthesia: A Renewal an Old Method


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In the older times of thyroid surgery, the operations were performed under local anaesthesia. With the development of anaesthesia surgeons preferred to use narcosis for most thyroid surgeries. Today, however, regional anaesthesia has become popular as a safe and effective technique based on numerous clinical studies, surgeons are still keen on doing surgeries under general anaesthesia. Regional anaesthesia is indicated in high risk patients and also in case of pregnancy, but in well-fit patients it could lead to faster recovery. In case of a substernal goitre or infiltrating carcinoma or in case of severe bleeding disables general anaesthesia should be chosen

General anaesthesia of thyroid surgery reaches back to 1849, when Pirogoff, a surgeon from Saint Petersburg operated on a 17-year-old young lady with multi-nodular goitre in ether narcosis. Until the 1900s thyroid operations were carried out in general anaesthesia, until Kocher ’ s patient died from Chloroform on the operating table, and most of the postoperative complications were caused by the side-effect of the narcotics. In later days thyroid procedures were operated mostly in local anaesthesia used cocain. Dunhill has performed life-saving interventions under local anaesthesia on patients who could not be anaesthetised and other giants of thyroid surgery have also operated in local anaesthesia.

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