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Sociology is the field of sciences worried about the investigations of the public activity of human gatherings and people. Social examinations is a term used to portray the expansive investigation of different fields which includes past and current human conduct and connections.

Research &Review: Journal of Social Science on revelation and development in different angles like Sociology, Geography, Economics, History, Cultural examinations, Ethnography, Sociolinguistics, Home science, Demography, Political sciences and so forth Surveys, Mini Reviews, Short Communications, Perspectives/Opinions, Letters, Short Note and Commentaries are acknowledged for production.

This is an open access diary where one can discover logical research as in type of research articles, audit articles, case reports, exceptional issues and short interchanges where it experiences a progression of steps to achieve a standard and a one of a kind logical bit of research.

We are enchanted to welcome Eminent Academicians and Researchers to present their unique research articles for production Research and Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences an International diary distributing twice per year (Online and Print rendition) part of Social Sciences for a compelling logical perusing and general visibility with a mean to arrive at the overall scientists. about audits social-sciences.html Submit original copy as a URL connection to the Editorial Office .


Research & Review: Journal of Social Science