New articles heading up for Volume 10 in the Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development


Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development is an open access and peer review journal which deals with the study of principles in operation of capture and culture fisheries which helps to throw light on the definition of aquaculture. Aquaculture is an industrial process of raising aquatic organisms up to final commercial production within properly partitioned aquatic areas, controlling the environmental factors and administering the life history of the organism positively and it has to be considered as an independent industry from the fisheries hitherto. Journal focus on different types of fish culturing like Aquaponics, pen culture, cage culture, culture in running waters, in recirculating systems and in reconditioned water.


As the fastest growing food producing sector, fish farming is placing increased starin on conventional feed resources. Few articles on fish farming by famous authors are getting ready for online readers in the journal of aquaculture research and development in volume 10 Issue 11, and some of the articles has been already published in the journal about fish farming which can be viewed through the following link

We are welcoming new research, review and different types of aticles for volume 10 Issue 12, which will be peer-reviewed for publication.

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