Mother’s stress on child health


Psychosocial factors creating stress -- like lack of social support, loneliness, marriage status or bereavement -- could also be mutating their child's mitochondrial DNA and will be a precursor to a number of diseases, consistent with a University of Cincinnati study. "There are tons of conditions that start in childhood that have ties to mitochondrial dysfunction including asthma, obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism," says Kelly Brunst, PhD, professor of environmental and public health sciences within the UC College of drugs and lead author of the study. "The fetal and infant period may be a vulnerable time for environmental exposure thanks to heightened development during these periods," says Brunst. "We don't just awaken at some point and have asthma or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The programming effects resulting from environmentally induced shifts occur over time and certain start during gestation at the molecular and cellular level. These shifts alter physiological states that likely play a task in who goes to travel on and develop adverse health outcomes."

As a part of the study, researchers sequenced the mitochondrial genome and identified mutations in 365 placenta samples from birth mothers in Boston and NY City from 2013-18. A multivariable regression model was wont to check out maternal lifetime stress in reference to the amount of gene mutations within the placenta mitochondrial genome. Women experiencing increased psychosocial stress -- which will range from sexual abuse, violence or serious injury to incarceration, physical or mental disease and family hardship -- over their lifetime exhibited a better number of placental mitochondrial mutations. The strongest associations were observed among Black women. Higher stress-related DNA mutations within the placenta were seen in Black and white women, but not in Hispanic women.

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