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Chemotherapy: Open Access takes privilege to share information with our readers about our Editorial Board members along with First and foremost Editor-in-Chief Tetsuya Konishi Professor, Department of Functional and Analytical Food Sciences. Niigata University of Pharmacy & Applied Life Sciences, Japan. Who is supporting and contributing his valuable time since long time with our Journal.

Chemotherapy: Open Access Journal is honour to speak more few words about ditor-in-Chief Tetsuya Konishi, He was graduated from Tokyo College of Pharmacy. AZer completing his graduate study, he worked on radioactive tracer in drug metabolism as a research assistant at Physical pharmacy department. AZer obtained Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical sciences, he joined Dr. Lester Packer’s lab as a post‐doctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley where he engaged in membrane bioenergetics research on halobacterial rhodopsin. In 1985, he obtained professor position and established radiopharmaceu8cal science lab at Niigata College of Pharmacy where free radical biology and molecular biological researches were developed. 2001, he engaged in establishing Food Science department in NUPALS and started food func8on study using an8oxidant tradi8onal oriental medicine formula as a food model. Current topics of his research are the food func8ons modula8ng DNA damage responses and aging, especially cell cycle checkpoint kinases and their applica8on in Complementary medicine in Cancer treatment. He published more than 150 papers in peer reviewed journal. He served as reviewer, editor of several scien8fic journals and for other social events. He has been chairing Interna8onal Niigata Symposium on Diet and Health since 2004.

Tetsuya Konishi research includes Food functions modulating DNA damage responses and aging, especially cell cycle checkpoint kinases and their application in Complementary medicine in Cancer treatment.

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