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Microbiology Society

The Microbiology Society (previously the Society for General Microbiology) is a learned society based in the United Kingdom with a worldwide membership based in universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes and schools. It is the largest learned microbiological society in Europe.[1] Interests of its members include basic and applied aspects of viruses, prions, bacteria, rickettsiae, mycoplasma, fungi, algae and protozoa, and all other aspects of microbiology. Its headquarters is at 14–16 Meredith Street, London.[2] The Society's current president is Prof. Judy Armitage.[3] The Society is a member of the Science Council.





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The society was founded on 16 February 1945 as the Society for General Microbiology. Its first president was Alexander Fleming.[5][6] The Society's first academic meeting was in July 1945[7] and its first journal, the Journal of General Microbiology (later renamed Microbiology), was published in 1947.[5][6] A symposium series followed in 1949, and a sister journal, the Journal of General Virology, in 1967.[6] The society purchased its own headquarters in Reading in 1971, after initially sharing accommodation with the Biochemical Society in London.[5] In 2014 the Society moved to Charles Darwin House, London,[8] sharing the premises with several other learned societies. In 2015, the Society changed its name to the Microbiology Society, after its members voted in favour of the change. In 2019 the Society moved to its new headquarters at 14–16 Meredith Street, London.[2]



The Society currently organises a large Annual Conference and a number of smaller Focused Meetings, which cover a specific microbiology discipline. It publishes a magazine, Microbiology Today[9] (formerly SGM Quarterly), and academic journals in virology and microbiology:


International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology

Journal of General Virology

Journal of Medical Microbiology

JMM Case Reports

Microbial Genomics

Applied Microbiology: Open Access is a scholarly open access journal that deals with the study of Medical microbiology the study of the pathogenic microbes and the role of microbes in human illness, Pharmaceutical microbiology the study of microorganisms that are related to the production of antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins and vaccines, Industrial microbiology the exploitation of microbes for use in industrial processes

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