Fungal Pathogens


Fungal Pathogens

Surface components in fungal cells include cell wall molecules and, in certain cases, capsular structures. In pathogens, these components are responsible for key events during interaction with the host. These events include recognition of pathogens by the immune system and generation of damage to host cells and tissues. The molecular nature of surface structures in fungi is vast and may include (glyco)proteins, polysaccharides, lipids and pigments. Many of them have been strictly associated with the antifungal immune response, as well as with steps of fungal adhesion and dissemination during interaction with host cells. For many fungal pathogens, surface composition and architecture are determinant for either disease progression or control. The diversity of the composition of the cell surface and its molecular architecture are believed to include targets for the action of new antifungals, as well as immunogens with potential to interfere with fungal diseases in favor of the host.

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