Finding a cancer cure which starts with awareness


A cancer patient will search in google that what cancer will be and how it affects the individual?

Let's altogether give them a hope by giving a novel update and helpful hope through writing a paper.

September month is observed as  the “Month of awareness’’ in the field of cancer which  includes the following types of cancers (Childhood Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, Blood Cancer, National Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Thyroid Cancer).

One should have knowledge about the signs and symptoms of cancer and the types of treatment to be followed to cure them.

We journal of carcinogenesis and mutagenesis  taken initiative in publishing all types of updates on cancer and its treatment through cancer awareness program from September to October.

With a motto to increase awareness our journal have come up with an initiative by providing a complete waiver on processing charges only on all the articles in the desired field.

We welcome you to support our initiative by submitting a commentary/Mini-review with 500-1500 words for our journal.

Hope this program will come up with educating the necessary and eradicating the unnecessary aspects and increase knowledge in the field of cancer. Kindly extend your help for this noble cause.

Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to mail or online manuscript submission

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