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 Drug Designing: Open Access   Gives dependable data upgrade to online viewers with the adapted methods and most advancement in the field on designing new drugs, research and developments, clinical experiments, drug delivery systems, and adverse events, biochemistry and pharmacological aspects. The idiosyncratic reactions are unpredictable from the pharmacological action of the drug. Genes are also associated with ADRs; genes that consistently exhibit increased or decreased expression during these toxic responses in model systems serve as biomarkers to predict potential adverse effects. Hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity are two major reasons that drugs are withdrawn post-market. Other important ADRs affect blood vessels, heart, and brain. Drugs are chemical or biological substances that have some kind of physiological? Or biochemical? Effect on our bodies.

Pharmaceutical formulation is the process of combining various chemical substances with the active drug to form a final medicinal product, which is called a drug mixture or drug formulation. A drug formulation can be given to the patient in various forms like solid, semisolid or liquid.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering I have been very useful for capturing knowledge as In Chemical and Pharmaceutical, a prime challenge has been to develop Chemical and Pharmaceutical function given only partial Chemical and Pharmaceutical knowledge and inconsistency in how this knowledge is curated by experts., Again Towards A Data-driven Gene Ontology, Ontologies have been very useful for capturing knowledge as a hierarchy of concepts and their interrelationships. In biology, a prime challenge has been to develop ontologies of gene function given only partial biological knowledge and inconsistency in how this knowledge is curated by experts. I will discuss how large networks of gene and protein interaction, as are being mapped systematically for many species, can be transformed to assemble ontology with equivalent coverage and power to the manually-curated Gene Ontology (GO). 

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