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 Artificial intelligence in computer science sometimes called machine intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. Leading AI textbooks define the field as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. Colloquially, the term "Artificial intelligence" is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic "cognitive" functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as "learning" and "problem solving".

Robotics is a scientific and engineering discipline that is focused on the understanding and use of artificial, embodied capabilities. The people who work in this field come from mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science, and other fields.

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Robotics is a combination of engineering and technology, which includes mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, and other engineering domains. Robotics is one of the emerging fields now in the industry. Now in approximately every sector robots are using for making simple the situations. For a robotic process, the system requires a combination of software and physical components such as| power supply, actuators, sensors, locomotive parts, storage devices, and control software. Robotics is now widely used in military, security, construction, and field of medical, agriculture, household operation, and education.

Robotics makes people life easy. In the future, there is a huge chance that robots will use in every household. In Robotics Autonomous and Manual Robots, both have similar importance.

Robots move many ways to move to accomplish their job they must do every day. Scientists research the moves found in natural sources to ensure that robots can move in an effective and precise manner. Researchers have been observing the movements and motions of animals for centuries. There are drones that can replicate the motion of insects like dragonflies, as well as birds, to fly and collect information. Arm movements of humans are the basis for almost every robot motion of a common single or dual-armed robot. These motions assist to uplift productivity in a factory by improving the speed and accuracy of the production line, which saves the manufacturer time and money.

One of the main purposes in this field is in developing capabilities for robots to autonomously decide how, when, and where to move.

Robot Controlling

There is a different kind of robot controlling method. Robot controlling is one important part. Using a robot controlling method people can continue their job from a different place like drones. Mainly robots are control two different ways is using wired, wirelessly or autonomously. The easy way to control a robot is tethered where the robot relates to a remote controller using wires or cable. Usually, That kind of robots doesn’t have any intelligence. The robot has a microcontroller for giving access to control the robot from a keyboard or joystick. The autonomous robots are usually provided with a code which gives instruction to the robot. Wireless robot relates to the controller by a transmitter-receiver, Bluetooth module or Wi-Fi.

Nano and Micro Robotics

Nanorobotics is the technology where machine and robot are created which size close to the microscopic scale of a nanometre. Nanorobotics is largely in the research field. Nanorobots would be necessary for very large numbers of them to work together to perform microscopic and macroscopic tasks. There is a different type of application areas such as medicine and space technology where Nanorobots can be used for improving that section.

Micro robotics is a technological field where the characteristic dimension is less than 1mm. In micro robotics, we deal with the study and application of miniature ones like mobile robots of micrometre scale. Micro robots can use a lightweight battery. Due to their small size, micro robots are potentially very cheap and can be used in a large number.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a subject where computers get the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed. There are many examples of Machine learning like self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence. It is created in such a way that it can enable traditional computers to do tasks without any human intervention. With the help of Machine learning, computers to handle new situations via analysis, self-training.

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